The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Green Eyes

1. Purple

Shades of violet, including plum, lavender, and violet, can accentuate the natural attractiveness of green eyes and create a striking contrast.

2. Copper and Bronze

Warm, earthy tones such as copper and bronze can accentuate the golden specks in green eyes.

3. Gold

Whether in clothing or accessories, gold hues can accentuate the warmth of green eyes and produce a radiant appearance.

4. Taupe and Brown

Earthy browns and taupe tones can create a harmonious, natural appearance that accentuates the depth of green eyes.

5. Peach and Coral

Subtle peach and coral tones can create a youthful and new appearance, making green eyes stand out.

6. Warm Greens

Earthy green hues such as olive, moss, and sage can complement and accentuate green eyes.

7. Teal

Teal's rich and vibrant color can create a striking contrast and make green eyes stand out.

8. Rose Gold

Rose gold tones can add a touch of romance and sophistication, enhancing the distinctive hue of green eyes.

9. Plum

Shades of deep plum can create a captivating contrast with green eyes, making them appear even more intense.

10. Navy Blue

Deep navy can create a dramatic backdrop that accentuates the vibrancy of green eyes.