The Cost Of Groceries Around The World

Chicago, USA

Monthly minimum: $325 Chicago is the third-most populous city in America after New York and Los Angeles, but its food prices are much lower than the two.

New York City, USA

Monthly minimum: $486 Everything is more expensive in New York City, including rent, transportation, and food. The average person can expect to pay at least $486 on groceries per month, or $161 more than Chicagoans.

Zurich, Switzerland

Monthly minimum: $739 Zurich was named one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in in 2020, and a big reason for that was the high cost of food.

Honolulu, USA

Monthly minimum: $551 The Hawaiian capital is one of the most expensive cities in America for groceries. Ironically, produce is one of the more costly item.

Belgrade, Serbia

Monthly minimum: $154 Eastern Europe is a great place to find a cheap meal, be it at a restaurant, on the street, or in the grocery store.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Monthly minimum: $202 Hanoi’s food is affordable and varied. Vietnamese cuisine is a mix of French and Chinese cooking with local ingredients.

Bangkok, Thailand

Monthly minimum: $248 Bangkok’s Chinatown District (known to locals as Yaowarat) is considered the birthplace of street food, with more than 110,000 food vendors today.

Osaka, Japan

Monthly minimum: $453 named Osaka the best city in the world for foodies, with popular dishes such as okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) and takoyaki (octopus balls).

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