These Houseplants Are Almost Impossible To kill

Chinese money plant

Pilea peperomioides (aka Chinese money plant) is a succulent plant with round leaves that needs to be watered twice a week on average.

Air plant

Tillandsia (aka air plants) don’t need soil to survive. Hang them on a piece of wood, rock, or cork, or upside down. Air plants thrive on lots of light (but not direct sun), good air circulation, and high humidity.

Climbing philodendron

Stake it so that it climbs up or hang it in a basket so that it trails out of its container. Water moderately and more sparingly in winter than in summer.


Native to tropical regions, aloe likes drought, heat, and sunshine. Pot it in a soil mixture specially designed for cacti and water it only once the soil is dry at least two centimetres below the surface.

Peace lily

Given the right conditions, Spathiphyllum (aka peace lilies) can bloom all year. Just keep it at a temperature ranging between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius (64 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Boston fern

Another perfect plant for apartments with less than optimal light is the Boston fern (also known as the sword fern). It’s not only hardy, but purifies the air inside your home.

ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (aka the ZZ plant) is growing in popularity because it’s easy to grow and hard to kill. This slender tropical plant native to Africa is ideal for enhancing a modern decor.

Snake plant

Like many plants, Sansevieria (aka snake plant) requires a decent amount of light, but doesn’t do so well in direct sunlight, which can dry out its leaves. Water it about once a week.

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