Trader Joe's Announced 19 Exciting New & Returning Fall Items

Get ready, fall lovers! The fall season offers crisp weather, pumpkin products, crunchy leaves, and Trader Joe's huge selection of seasonal goodies.

Trader Joe's sells groceries year-round, but it changes its food and drink offerings to accentuate seasonal specialties. Fall 2023 follows suit.

Marketing execs and broadcasters Tara Miller and Matt Sloan shared some of the most intriguing autumn

products in this week's Inside Trader Joe's podcast. Customers will be able to try new products and return their favorites.

Miller and Sloan didn't cover every fall product in stores this year, so check your local Trader Joe's for extra wonderful fall goods.

Trader Joe's new vegan Mini Maple-Flavored Marshmallows are a fall twist on a classic marshmallow. Miller and Sloan suggested topping hot 

cocoa with them or replacing marshmallows in crispy rice desserts. This item debuted in early September but will be limited-time only.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, one of Trader Joe's most popular fall meals, returned this week to buyers' pleasure. Miller said they didn't 

anticipate the product to be that successful when they launched it in 2017. Sloan says Trader Joe's will offer more packets of the popular dish in 2023 to fulfill demand.

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